Which is better to live Mohali or Zirakpur?

  • 3 years ago
ForumsCategory: MohaliWhich is better to live Mohali or Zirakpur?
Exact Housing Staff asked 3 years ago
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Exact Housing Staff answered 2 years ago
Both the places are good to live in. But if you want to select one of them then Mohali can be chosen best out of two.   The prominent reasons for choosing Mohali over Zirakpur are the development and layout of the city.  Even though Mohali is not at all well settled like Chandigarh but much better than Zirakpur.   The Zirakpur area is not that well planned. But the new area of Zirakpur which is adjoining Mohali at Airport Road is really good to live in.   There are several Good Builder and projects coming and developing that area which is much better than the old Zirakpur Area.

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