Latest News! Aerotropolis Mohali (Plots Allotments, LOI & Location)

Everyone in Tricity who has some interest in the real estate must have read a news that The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) is launching its seventh independent township, Aerotropolis, on 1,653 acres near the Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport aka Chandigarh/ Mohali International Airport, along the Banur – Zirakpur on Patiala Highway.

Latest News Aerotropolis Mohali

The development works are planned to be completed in six months, following which the plots will be made available to the public. The Aerotropolis will comprise of both commercial and residential plots and around 8,500 residential plots will be available in sizes ranging from 100 to 2,000 square yards.

If you still need any more details of information about the area of investment, you can call us at 9988809910 and, we will try to resolve your query.

Other Residential projects by GMADA in Mohali

  • GMADA Aerocity Mohali
  • GMADA IT City Mohali
  • GMADA Eco City New Chandigarh
  • GMADA Eco City Phase 2 New Chandigarh
  • GMADA Medicity New Chandigarh
  • GMADA Plots Sector 88 89 Mohali
  • GMADA Project Sector 90 91 Mohali

What is Aerotropolis?

Aerotropolis is a type of settlement which is built around the International Airports in many Countries and India as well. In India too, Aerotropolis is built in many cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad etc. Andal Aerotropolis is India’s first Aerotropolis, located at Andal, between the industrial cities of Durgapur and Asansol in the Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

Over all the main function of Aerotropolis is to provide a locality where many facilities like hotels, shopping, entertainment, food, business conferencing, etc, are provided right there. People can fly in, conduct their business with their counterparts right there and fly out with all the comforts of a city, without the traffic and other problems.

Project Features of Aerotropolis plots in Mohali

  • Secure Project by a government agency, GMADA.
  • Internal roads are 40/60/80/100 feet wide roads
  • 47% of the land allocated for Roads and Green
  • 5 sites of 5 acres each already allocated for 5 Star Hotels
  • Great scope for commercial activity due to proximity to International Airport

GMADA Aerotropolis Mohali Location

  • International Airport Mohali – 05 Km
  • Amity University and Plaksha University – 02 KM
  • ISB Mohali (Indian Buisness school) and IISER mohali – 04 KM
  • More than ten Five star hotels are coming near Gmada aerotropolis Mohali
  • INFOSYS, Edifecs Technology and many IT company – 02 Km
  • World Trade Centre and HDFC Head Office – 02 Km

Future of Aerotropolis Mohali

Aerotropolis is a city which is built by keeping development, future and business in mind. So overall when we see the future of the previous projects in other states, Mohali Aerotropolis is also feels like a HIT project by the GMADA. Punjab government already started giving LOIs to the owners under the scheme of Land Pooling. Click here to learn about LOI

aerotropolis mohali exact housing min - Latest News! Aerotropolis Mohali (Plots Allotments, LOI & Location)

Investment Opportunities

Aerotropolis is a good place to invest in right now, as it’s in the initial phase, when compared to Aerocity (another project by GMADA).

Aerotropolis Mohali (Plots For Sale)

Residential Plots of Sizes 100/150/200/300/400/500 sq yard

Commercial booth of Size 25 syd and Bayshop of size 60 syd

Commercial Showroom (SCO) plots of sizes 100/200 square yard

If you are interested in investment in Aerotropolis, the investment starts from

65 Lacs for Residential Plots of 100 Sq Yds

55 Lacs for Commercial Booth.

2.5 Crores for 100 Sq Yds Commercial Showroom.

If you still need any more details of information about the area of investment, you can call us at 9988809910 and, we will try to resolve your query.

Whom is Aerotropolis for?

Above mentioned are the current minimum prices for the Aerotropolis. So if you have that much money with you then you can invest in there. Because, it works on LOI right now, so you must have that much money with you to start investment in the Aerotropolis Mohali. If you are thinking of taking loans from Banks and invest there, then you should know that it’s almost impossible to get loans on Letter of Intents (LOIs).

If you are a long term investor, then you can chose Aerotropolis Mohali over others, as you can get the better profit when you invest for almost 5 years to get a good amount as profit.

What are the Investment Alternatives of Aerotropolis?

As the above mentioned prices are on higher side for the new and low budgeted investors. So there are many projects which you can choose over Aerotropolis if you want to start your real estate investment career. If you carefully see the investment opportunities near Mohali, then there are only 3 roads:

Kharar – Kurali Highway: Because Kharar is too crowded and many area of the Kharar, especially in sector 123, 124 and 125, the area and layout are very complicated. Some of the area is Under Municipal Corporation and some is not, so people gets a lot confused there. When compared to Kharar Kurali Highway many projects are coming on this road.

Landran – Banur Road: Because a lot of new projects are coming on that road. As the new projects comes in the prices are very competitive there, you can start investing there and get the benefits with the budget of 35 Lacs.

Zirakpur – Patiala Highway: Because the projects near the Zirakpur reach 50000/ sq yds so if you are low on budget, then you can choose the other side where you can get the plots in the price of 35 Lacs today.

Benefits of Investment in Alternative of Aerotropolis

There are many benefits if you make up your mind to invest in Aerotropolis alternatives. Some of the benefits are:

You can start with the less budget in these areas. On Kharar Kurali Highway, you can start investment from 20 Lacs. On Landran Banur and Zirakpur Patiala Highway, your investment starts from 35 Lacs.

You can get the Registry done on your name when you invest in the alternative areas. In addition to the Registry, you can get Bank Loans here as well. But in Aerotropolis, you can get the bank loans easily.

You can invest in many projects which are near to the possession, so you can build your homes as well on those locations.

Future of Investment in Aerotropolis Mohali Alternative

If you make investment in Aerotropolis Alternatives, future of your investment is really bright. The prices on those projects will keep on increasing every year, because of the continuous development in these projects. If you invest in these area you can earn very good profit there. On an average you can get a profit of 20% year on year.

Comparison of Aerotropolis and Alternative Projects

FeaturesAerotropolisLandran Banur & Zirakpur PatialaKharar Kurali
100 Gaj Residential65 Lacs35 Lacs22 Lacs
100 Gaj Commercial2.5 Cr1.5 Cr1.25 Cr
RegistryNo (LOI)YesYes
Bank LoansNoYesYes
DevelopmentNo Started YetFull SwingFull Swing
RoadsNoUnder ConstructionUnder Construction
Price After 1 Year70,00,00042,00,00028,00,000
Price After 2 Years75,00,00050,00,00037,00,000
Price After 5 Years1,00,00,00070,00,00045,00,000

I think the above table make it easy for you to understand that, where you should invest based on your current financial status. If you still need any more details of information about the area of investment, you can call us at 9988809910 and, we will try to resolve your query.

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