Best Real Estate Broker In Chandigarh (Exact Housing) Top Agent

Best Real Estate Broker In Chandigarh

Exact Housing is one of the leading real estate brokers in Chandigarh, Punjab. We are a trusted property dealer in Chandigarh, we have been taking the standards of the industry to the next level. We deal in all kinds of property even if it is commercial or residential, we provide invaluable assistance in buying, selling and renting a residential house and commercial shops in Chandigarh.

Best Real Estate Broker In Chandigarh

Best Real Estate Broker In Chandigarh

We are also esteemed for our property investment services in and around  Chandigarh. When we meet our clients at their home, we will give them a good idea of what their homes is likely worth as well as what we feel it should be listed at. We provide the best opinions that are based on comparable sold properties in the area, our years of experience and our understanding of the market.

Before distinctive the duties and responsibilities of a broker, it’s vital to understand the definition of a real estate broker.  As real estate brokers, we have a tendency to perform a range of tasks, which incorporates distinctive leads, kicking- off a property deal, drafting the builder contracts, managing supporter work and lots of additional.

We are a customer- centric professional and being a customer- centric professionals our building network and maintaining a cordial relationship with the clients is the most important role of a broker. Apart from this, we also handle other administrative  operations like preparing sales documents and keeping the clients abreast with the updated information by regular fellow- ups.

Top Real Estate Agents In Chandigarh

Firstly, we would like to make you understand the difference between a broker and real estate agent and realtors-

All the above -mentioned professionals operating in the real estate domain and have different  roles to perform. The words broker, real estate agent and realtor can be used interchangeably but their qualifications make them distinct from one another.

A qualified expert is a real estate agent and is a licensed professional who takes part in the transactions or  purchase deals of a property. They are also known as real estate associates who bring sellers and buyers to the same platform for completing the property transaction.

Once the deal is closed they are entitled to get 1 to 2 percent of the total property transaction value as brokerage or commission. This brokerage or commission value varies from State to State or from one agent to another.

On the other hand, brokers have a huge role to play in comparison to agents. They are proficient and qualified in the world of property. Real estate brokers can either work as independent agents or own a brokerage where they employ other real estate agents. They are jointly entitled to receive the commission once  the sale materialises. The fee of a broker is usually mentioned in the broker and the contract of the buyer or seller.


Best Property Dealers In Chandigarh

Best Property Dealers In Chandigarh

Realtors have largely licensed agents associated with real estate industry bodies like the National Association of Realtors or any other trade or realtor’s association. Appraisers, salespeople, agents and brokers can all be realtors, given they associate themselves with recognized companies and follow the requisite code of ethics in their business practice.

Here we mention some important responsibilities which we have as a broker and we serve their purpose in the real estate industry-

Understanding the customer’s prerequisite

This is one of the important roles that a broker have to perform and answering all the buyer’s queries in an accurate manner and suggesting them the right locality, residential or commercial options that are available on sale and giving them other legal assistance as per their need are some important roles of a real estate broker. We have to stay abreast with the latest market alterations and information and should be able to address buyer enquires effectively.

Addressing client’s concern

We work on the principle that is the customer is king, so our most important role as a broker is to provide services to the customer with satisfaction. We survive in the real estate market because we have skills in maintaining relationships with the client. As a broker, we know that it is essential to do regular follow up with our clients until their search is complete. Only if we are able to address the buyer’s concern then we are good to go.

3 D walkthrough

3 D virtual walkthrough is one of the latest pieces of technology to hit the real estate market in this digital world. Just with a click of a mouse we make you walk through an entire home as if you are actually here, this can be the best option for a number of houses.

Coordination and site visits

Once we understand the client’s requirements and suggesting them some property options we arrange some site visits for the selected units. This is one of the major roles that a broker has to play if they want to maintain a good reputation in the real estate market.

We ensure your customers that they have a hassle- free site visit and while visiting the site we explain then about the location, the housing project and the potential for investment based on existing and upcoming infrastructure projects are just a few roles that help our client to make a right decision.

Amendment in Master Plan New Chandigarh

Negotiation and sales offer

Once the property buyer has done with selecting the property options, then it is our job to bring the buyer and the seller to the negotiation table and help them to finalize the property deal. Executing sales contracts is another important job that we must fulfill. We start our work by identifying the prospective buyer and seller and go up to negotiating the offers and giving end – to – end guidance to our customers until the property deal is closed.


After getting and finalizing the property deal, we prepare and complete all the required documentation or paperwork for the sale of the property. As a broker, it is important to have good knowledge of State and Central laws, taxes, stamp duty and registration charges, home lone procedure, etc, and we have the best team for this work. We make sure that clients are charged accurately. We make sure that the seller of the property shares all requisite information, receipts and statements with the buyer promptly.


Services that we provide as the best real estate broker in Chandigarh

Best Property Dealers In Chandigarh

Our primary service is to help our clients with the complicated process of buying and selling properties. We act as a mediator between the seller and buyer. Our brokers and professionals offer services and solutions that evolve to meet today’s changing challenges and trends. Here we let you know about the services that we provide our clients that makes us best from the rest brokers in the real estate of Chandigarh-

Property Staging

Selling a property faster and at a good price often requires staging the property and a property staging in a good manner makes your home more visually appealing and aesthetically.

By doing this buyers will feel welcome, can easily picture living there and entertaining family and friends. We have a professional and experienced property staging company which makes it the best experience for you. Getting you home looking right is one of the major steps in our preparation process.

Selling Real Estate

When you are planning to sell a property then hiring an experienced real estate broker is important. It is very important for you if you are a first time seller. We hold open houses to make additional interest in a property and make it easy for prospective buyers to stop on your property. We prefer weekends for an open house.

As  good real estate brokers, we get feedback on your home after an open house by using a broker open house questionnaire because this feedback sometimes reveals issues with the property or price we may not be aware of. Bypassing this feedback along to the seller can be more accurate when it is documented in a questionnaire or trying to depend on a conversation with the customer’s agent.

Buying real estate

As real estate brokers, we are not only efficient in selling but equally skilled in helping our clients to get their dream home. Buying a property can be complicated for you if you are a first- time buyer and making some small mistakes can be costly for you. In case you are moving from out of town then you need to hire a broker with local expertise to help you to identify the best area for you. We are also skilled at negotiating and can make sure that you will find a property that fulfills all your needs at an affordable price.


 New construction

We hire agents if you want to build a house. That agents help us to locate plots for sale. Our agents can also help identify homes that can be built in a new form. Our agents are deadline – oriented and realistic and can help you to establish a timeline for your housing project.

Land brokerage

It is the nature of our company to be knowledgeable about the markets that are growing as well as declining. Our land brokerage professionals provide our customers an edge by intricate knowledge of future development activities and environmental considerations.

We involve knowledge  with industry -leading research and void analysis tools to  make more informed decisions and a powerful listing engine to give not just maximum exposure but quality exposure to your selling properties. Our team works closely with landowners, developers, investors and retail end- users to acquire land that fulfills all your requirements and to get the best and maximum returns.


We have excelled at redeveloping in these years by redeveloping underperforming projects and transforming them into exclusive retail destinations.

Our team enters the process at the planning phase and understands the project’s challenges and the stakeholder’s business and design objectives. We offer the added expertise of in -depth studies and the best development plan. If you need re- tenanting then we offer a stable plan to fulfill your needs.


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