Best Residential Localities in Mohali

Best Residential Localities in Mohali

Best Residential Localities in Mohali

Mohali is the part of Tricity which also included Panchkula and Chandigarh. When it comes to residential localities, Mohali is really a good option to live in.

If compared to its nearest city like Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Kharar or New Chandigarh, Mohali is the most affordable when compared development wise.

Mohali has everything what you need-

When it comes to the best localities within Mohali, no one really can pick the specific localities, reason being, everyone has their own needs and location preferences.

Whole Mohali is good to live in but the location is really depends on person to person, there are some people who want the property to be near main Highway and on the other hand some not because of the traffic noise coming all the day. So based on your requirements, you can choose the best location for your family.

How to choose the best location for yourself

If confused, let me help you in deciding which can be the best location for your future home.

  • Take a paper and pen
  • Write down the location of your office and other family member’s office.
  • Now list down all the important places where you go most of the time in a day or month.
  • Ask your Family members as well where they go frequently in a month.
  • After that, think of the important places which you want to keep within 5 Km distance of your home like Railway Station, Banks, Hospital or whatever you think of.

These points will help you decide which location will be the best for your family. When you compare every point, you will come to know the location radius for you and then you can also calculate that whether you really need a home in Main Mohali or you can easily settle in somewhat outer are to keep your budget unaffected.

Note: If your location falls on the outer side of the city, don’t hesitate to buy a property there. There is no need to pay premium just for the sake of being in the developed area. The speed on which Mohali is developing, you will soon find that the main city is reaching you soon.

If you are still not able to decide the best location for you… real the below mentioned location type and what type of people can opt for those or dial 9988809910 and we can help you choose one.

Location Preferences in Mohali

Residential Property near Airport Road

PR7 aka Airport Road, is the most mentioned road in and around Mohali. Just search for Mohali and everyone is dancing around that. Every builder is mentioning Airport Road in their brochure or marketing material. It is important as well. All the current developments and infrastructure projects coming are around the PR7 Airport Road.

Airport Road Starts from D-Mart on Chandigarh – Delhi Highway and crosses from Zirakpur, Aerocity, Mohai, Kharar, New Chandigarh and further leads to Baddi. Now you can understand the benefits and Importance of Airport Road.

You can choose property on Airport road, if you want to commute to the other areas or city very frequently. If not then stay away from it and save yourself from heavy traffic noise.

Residential Property near International Airport

You must be hearing a lot of real estate ads on radio while driving the car. Frankly, today radios are full of real estate ads rather than songs, what it really meant for. I always connect my car with Bluetooth and use Amazon Prime Music to enjoy music 😉

Ok let’s get back to the point. If you are a businessman and need to take a lot of flights for business purpose and Airport is really important for you or you have a kid in you who love to chat “ Aero plane Bye. Helicopter Bye” every time you see a plane, Nearby Airport Area is best for you.

If not then please keep a good distance from it. Why? Because the area around Airport is not always good for everyone.

  • The very nearby area always get the issue in Mobile network.
  • If your home is very near to the Airport, you can’t fly any drones in that area.
  • You can’t build higher buildings because of security reasons.
  • Most of all above, the sound. Image a plane going above your home every 30 to 40 minutes. You can definitely bear that in day time, but what in night? I bet you can’t take a better sleep with this much noise.
  • Whenever you are on a phone call, you need to get out and then flights going above you will definitely irritate you.

On all above you have to pay higher price to get a property near International Airport, no matter whether you use the airport frequently or none in your lifetime.

Residential Property in Main Mohali

Main Mohali is the well planned and most developer area to live in for everyone, whether you are shifting from Chandigarh or any other city. Most of the area in sectors are planned in a shape of clusters. Every cluster has a big park in the center and then has homes around that. So in this way most of the homes are park facing and then you have parking spaces as well. So the roads are empty for vehicles to move. If you visit that type of location, you will definitely love to live there. But but but, this location is very near to the Chandigarh and most developed as well. So the prices of these locality is on the higher side.

On an average, the prices in main Mohali is around 1lac per sq yds. So if you have this much budget for buying a home, then you should buy a home here. I bet you will never regret your decision of buying a home in main Mohali area. These all sectors are managed by MC Mohali. So whatever you need you just have to visit MC Mohali office and resolve your issues.

Residential Property in Outer Mohali

Look outer Mohali is not really outer, it’s also Mohali but excluding the area of Mohali sectors. This area is mostly developed by private builders. So if you want to have a luxurious life and want to live in a closed environment where you will get better amenities like

  • Club House
  • 24x 7 Security
  • 24 Hours Power Backup
  • 24 Hours water supply
  • Well maintained parks and much more

Moreover you want to live in a place where everyone is of your class and status, you can definitely opt for an outer Mohali area and get a lot better treatment than a government body. A lot of builder projects are available in the area and you can choose from many options and amenities you like to have.

But, yes there is always a but, as the number of projects are increasing, builders are getting pressure to sell the project to customers in less price so that people choose their project over other. In this race of decreasing the price of construction and increasing the profits, many builders used the low quality material. So be careful while choosing the project. A small amount of saving in the start can leads to very heavy penalty in future.

Story Time

I have a college friend named Sanjay Negi, he bought a 3BHK flat in Peer Muchalla Society. He purchased it in year 2019 at the cost of INR 36 Lacs. He visited the office and checked the “Sample Flat” they loved it, most of you do love it as well. More over the agent and builder say, the front Road will be 60ft wide in the near future. They got convinced and decided to buy the flat. Today is 2023 4 years are gone, the front road is sill that 15ft wide, the road is broken as well, now he want to sell that flat to get out of that area and now he told me few days back that no one want to pay more than 30 lacs for that flat.

So don’t be Sanjay. Be careful and smart while choosing the property and project. Do check for all the certifications they got. Do the builder has all the clearance from the authorized departments or not. If you need any help at any step, you can contact us and get the things clear before investing hard earned money of yours.


Every place is good to live if you can find the needful things and places which make your life easy, nearby.

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