Commercial Properties in Mohali

Commercial Properties in Mohali

Mohali is the hub of commercial spaces. If you land in Mohali International Airport Road aka PR7, you will see a lot of commercial projects on both sides of the road starting from Chandigarh Ambala Highway till New Chandigarh. 

Actually where ever you find a highway, there is a commercial project around it.

If I tell you about the 200 ft. roads there are many in Mohali.

Commercial Projects on PR7 Airport Road

Most of the Mohali development is along this road. Because of being the most important road of Mohali which connects Mohali from major external cities like Ambala, Patiala, Inner Punjab, Shimla and more.

You can see major commercial development along side of this road. As the road is connecting the city with International Airport, you can see a lot of traffic using this road for their commute. You can also find some luxury residential projects as well on this road but here we talk about the commercial projects only.

Some of the biggest projects you find alongside Airport Road are

  • La-Mer (Provide you Access of Chandigarh Ambala Highway)
  • Aster Plaza (Provide you the biggest showroom of the area)
  • Motia Guildford Square (Provide you futuristic design for maximum functionality & unique architecture with fabulous façade)
  • Commercial Showrooms in Aerocity (Managed by GMADA itself to cater the Aerocity residents)
  • Mohali City Centre (The biggest Commercial Hub of Tricity which provide you prime location, highly occupied area & a great potential of appreciation)
  • Jubilee Square ( Provide you Close proximity to Mohali International Airport and upcoming top corporate & institutes, such as Infosys, Ashoka University, HDFC and many more )
  • World Trade Centre Chandigarh (Provide you the much needed Global Name to your office or Business location)
  • JLPL Industrial Area Market
  • Jubilee Junction (Provide you the pre-leased showrooms at airport road, Mohali and enjoy monthly rental for years)
  • CP 67 (Provide you an arena where customers love to live, work, shop, dine, and be entertained; where retailers thrive, businesses flourish, and people enjoy to the hilt.)
  • VRS District One (Provide you multiple property options and types available for investment, which caters to various budget ranges)
  • TDI Taj Plaza (Provide you All units facing 200ft wide Mohali International Airport Road and upcoming 150 ft wide sector road. Centrally located in and around 1000 acres of residential area.)
  • TDI South Ex I and II (Inspired by the commercially acclaimed market of South Delhi, South Ex I is the biggest commercial project in the Tricity that serves as a getaway to commercial Mohali.)
  • Mohali One (Provide you large format shopping mall, retail podium, cinemas, entertainment zones, hangout places along with Food Court)
  • And a lot more.

Commercial Projects on Patiala Road

This road connects Panchkula to Patiala via Zirakpur and Mohali. The footfall of this road is also really good. This is second most used road in Mohali. The most famous points on this road are, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali, Banur, Rajpura and Patiala. Banur and Rajpura are the most famous industrial area nearby Mohali. So a lot of employees use the road for traveling to their jobs.

Some of the major commercial projects alongside this road are

  • Pabaat Industrial Area (Houses many of the biggest factories of the city.)
  • Local Market of Zirakpur (Located on the much crowded area of zirakpur leading to the most successful area to have a business location in)
  • Mohali City Square (Provide you nearest and proximity distance to Chandigarh with G+3 storey buitup shops and showrooms)
  • Tricity Trade Tower (Provide you 12 Floors of unlimited options among towering ten stories of commercial project offers the one-of-its-kind hotel, Swiss International, Serviced Suites and Office spaces.)
  • HLP Social Square (Provide you British Inspired Lighting and Landscaping and confirmed 9 Years Leasing with 3 years Lock in For Virtual Spaces)

In addition to that all the residential societies has their own commercial spaces right on the Patiala road like SBP and Green Lotus Group.

Commercial Projects on Chandigarh Road aka NH 205

This road connects Panchkula to Patiala via Zirakpur and Mohali. The footfall of this road is also really good. This is second most used road in Mohali. The most famous points on this road are, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali, Banur, Rajpura and Patiala. Banur and Rajpura are the most famous industrial area nearby Mohali. So a lot of employees use the road for traveling to their jobs.

Some of the major project on this road are

  • TDI Business Centre (Provide you a large and customized area office spaces in sector 118 Mohali)
  • VR Punjab (One of the biggest mall of Mohali, where you can get a lot of options for investment and for business as well.)
  • Sunny Enclave Market ( A local market of sunny enclave 123 and 125 Mohali (kharar) which caters the population living in sunny enclave)
  • Nirvana Square One (Provide you commercial shops and office spaces at very competitive and affordable prices. The site is well connected by different modes of transportation and is in close proximity of various civic utilities.)
  • Amyra City Centre (Located in an area which is very well placed surrounded by colleges, university and a well populated residential area)
  • Amyra Emporio (An International High Street concept with the Ideal blend of Retail Spaces, Premium Office Spaces, Lavish Food Courts, Fine Dining, Kids Zone & Entertainment.)

Moreover all the sectors of Mohali has their own small and medium scale markets, which are mostly used by the local residents of the respective sectors.

So over all you can get a lot of commercial investment option in Mohali depending on your budget and location preferences.

What is the Good time to invest in commercial space in Mohali?

As mentioned above, Mohali has a lot of inventory to invest in. If you add up all of these commercial spaces, it will lead to a huge number in total. So we have a lot of options to invest in. Now the Good time depends on the number of factors-

  • Your Budget to invest
  • Your preferred location
  • Type of Commercial Property
  • Your future expectations from the property
  • You want to starts your business
  • Your business type

When you have these 6 factors ready, you can contact us at 9988809910 or anyone whom you already in conversation with and they can help you decide the best location and time when you can start investing in the commercial property.

Rent in a Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Let’s understand with an example, if a person buys a 3 BHK flat in an average area of Mohali for say around 80 Lacs to 1 crore, he/she can get a rent of around 25,000- 35,000 per month. So per year, the rent received is around 3,60,000.

In addition to this, the rent is dependent on many factors like nearby amenities, in this particular case proximity to the bus stand and major malls, shopping areas, hospitals, offices, etc. The rent generally increases by 8-10 percent per annum, but can also stay stagnant or decrease a bit in case the market is slows.

In the case of a commercial property, investing 1.5 to 2 crore in a prime location can fetch annual rent of around 9 to 12 lakhs. However, since the lease is fixed for a longer term, there is no increment every year like in the case of a residential property.

More over as discussed above, flats need maintenance time to time, so you have to renovate the flat, white wash and more which will take around 1 lacs every time you think of going for that. But in case of commercial, you are free, because a brand spent its own money to make it look like the color scheme of their branding. So you are saving there as well.

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