Is Chandigarh good for real estate investment? (Review)

Is Chandigarh good for real estate investment?

Chandigarh is famous for sophisticated real estate market of northern India. When it comes to real estate investment in Chandigarh then people have a huge range of options to choose from. Real estate companies in Chandigarh are developing as the flourishing local economy of Chandigarh augurs good for all the segments of real estate business such as retail, residential and commercial.

We all know that Chandigarh has decent connectivity, low operational costs and has sufficient availability of land and these are some of the major factors that make the city of Chandigarh an important place for residential and commercial property investment.

Whether it is luxury flats or a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment, real estate investment has profitable and limitless possibilities in the city of Chandigarh. Investing in real estate in Chandigarh could wind up being one of your most beneficial choices of all times. Chandigarh city has a very fast developing economy that is possessed by individuals from different financial backgrounds.

The real estate market of Chandigarh is fast developing into a standout amongst the most major monetary centers. Real estate is one business where you can discover speculators from different backgrounds. This is the reason why commercial property for sale is on the rise in the city. This results in development in all bearings.

There are also a number of property options available in Chandigarh where you can choose from. People are moving to Chandigarh for better lifestyle and job opportunities. Chandigarh city is positioned third in terms to per capita income. And this makes this city a perfect investment hub for investors. A well build health awareness framework also makes real estate investment in Chandigarh more feasible. The superb social insurance comforts guarantee that there is a number of takers when it comes to residential and commercial real estate investment.

There is a number of ready to move flats in Mohali and some other smaller districts. 3 BHK flats that are located in Mohali are ideal for smaller families. Chandigarh city is booming with employment opportunities and has witnessed a fast growth in the last few decades. There is multitude of opportunities for real estate investment in the city of Chandigarh.

The cosmopolitan culture of the Chandigarh city has led to the development of popular Elante Mall in Industrial Area on one hand and IT Park Manimajra on the other. If you visit the old sectors such as Sector 7,8 20 or 21 etc. then you will see posh villas which an eye is to behold and on the other the newly developed sectors such as Sector 46, 47 or 48, etc., have well designed apartments. Owing to changing preferences of the people and investment by big real estate brands in Chandigarh, real estate investment in the city is a fair deal for all. The transition from independent villas to spacious apartments or flats can be seen clearly in Chandigarh.

You can also see the skyline right from Zirakpur and this extends to Kharar, Mohali, New Chandigarh and Panchkula which are the neighboring cities have also seen this sudden change and this real estate details are not just limited to the city itself, but it extends a little beyond its boundaries to its neighboring cities. In New Chandigarh, where new age infrastructure is being developed, the demand for homes is quite different, with independent floors in a secured, safe and walk to everything township becomes a preferred choice.

Now I am going to list the top reasons to invest in Chandigarh real estate-

  • Perfect location for prospering households- We all know that Chandigarh is the first eco city of the state of Punjab, which is located just south of the Shivalik range. Chandigarh has all social and commercial sectors like Sector 17, 11, 14, 15, 18 and 22 etc. The authorities have also proposed a Metro station for easy transportation of the residents. Chandigarh has wider and congestion free roads and there will be a wide network of roads which will makes movement and accessibility easier for everyone.
  • Chandigarh is hub of development- The architecture and planning of the city beautiful has been done in a way that all nonpolluting industries such as IT and hospitals will be located here. Authorities also proposed a 1700 acres of Education city or Knowledge Zone that will be highlight of the region and envisaging a modern learning destination in the state of Punjab. Some of the renowned names entering the place in healthcare sectors like Tata Memorial Centre’s cancer hospital and research center.
  • Chandigarh is self-sustainable city- The authorities and industry players entering in the city have strategized as full-fledged growth plan for the residents of the city. As the population of the city begins to rise, IT parks and other industries have strong potential to make the population residing self-sustainable, with a wide range of job profiles available. A sphere of strong development is about to be created to fuel growth of the inhabitants in the city. Townships by a number of builders including Omaxe and Sushma, etc. promises residents new age lifestyle.
  • New age developments- All the developments like road and other social infrastructure will be developed by using new technologies and hence it will be last longer. Chandigarh is the most desirable address in Punjab. Because of its proximity to other facilities and the plethora of opportunities available, job opportunities will be immense and that will drive the demand for residential and commercial properties.
  • Integrates township- a wholesale lifestyle- We all know that integrated townships are fast evolving as it is one of the most preferred options owing to the constrained living it offers where everything is just a walk away. The recent developments have taught the importance and role of having everything in proximity, be it medical services and commercial facilities, recreation and office spaces. Chandigarh is the city of tomorrow which provides you everything at a walking distance from your home.
  • Independent floors for independent millennial- Independent floors are fast catching up because of the independence and low density living and it promises you that you can unwind in the convenience and comfort. Independent floors with configuration like 3 BHK luxury apartment in Chandigarh is very beneficial real estate investment for making a profitable future asset. Not only the independence of living it offers but also a higher and profitable return on investment as the opportunities for future growth in Chandigarh is nothing short of unprecedented. Nonresidents of India are also like to invest and end users are always on the lookout for such real estate properties in India that give them an experience similar to foreign lands.
  • Connection with nature- Chandigarh is also known as city beautiful, it has beautiful fountains, artificial water body and plenty of green and open spaces. It is one of the few inhabited townships with families residing and experiencing with families of the township. This city has an abundance of greenery with a number of gardens that are based in various themes. Demarcated jogging and walking tracks, open gyms and sit outs that encourage the residents to take care of their health and be fit.
  • Chandigarh is best destination for sport enthusiasts- Chandigarh is the city the offers you more than any conventionally constructed 3 BHL luxury flats. Chandigarh city has the upcoming International Cricket Stadium that allows sports fans to immerse themselves in the energy and vibes of newly established sports arenas.
  • A wide range of facilities- Chandigarh is the city that offer you a number of facilities for, to start with, lust green surroundings, open gyms, swimming pools, fully equipped gyms and spa, children’s play area, designated wide car parking area and gardens for yoga and meditation. In addition, for kids to learn and grow, skating ground, basketball court, badminton court and tennis court. The housing projects in Chandigarh are equipped with a well-managed security cover with 24-hour security system installed, CCTC and earthquake resistant.
  • Education Hub- Chandigarh has best schools, colleges and universities in India. Some of the famous educational institutions in Chandigarh are PGIMER, Punjab University, PEC and UBS, etc. No need to mention that the city of Chandigarh is located next only to Kota in terms of offering coaching for different competitive examinations. With the recent allotment of land for establishing up Ashoka University, Amiy University, Amity International School, this city become a hub of higher education in a few years.
  • IT Sector- Chandigarh’s IT sector is booming and it also creates multiple job opportunities that makes this city and epicenter of IT sector growth in the northern side of the country.
  • Retirement option- Chandigarh is a beautiful, clean and safe city with an educated diaspora and it is also the best in India in terms of healthcare that makes it a perfect city to plan your life after your retirement or in other words in your old age. Chandigarh has manicured public parks, gardens, well maintained roads, sectors with all facilities and a vigilant police force that makes it an ideal place to retire and enjoy the rest of your life.
  • Chandigarh has something for everyone- A 2 BHK apartment is available in Chandigarh for around 45 lakhs, a 3 BHK apartment for 1.4 crores and if you want to buy a 4 BHK or 5 BHK, a sum of 2.4 crores to 3,55 crores is amount and different options are available. If you do not want to buy, then you can rend accommodation in the price range of Rs 4 thousand to 3 lakhs per month in Chandigarh.
  • Long term returns- Although, nobody ever wants to sell his house in the first place, everybody always explore the options of renting it out. Chandigarh offers you best flats at such as locations that the owner would get the best prices even without staying there. The location and proximities of the facilities make it worthy of the real estate investment in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a place that you can never go wrong with it when in search for an ideal apartment. Affordable 4 BHK apartment in Chandigarh with all the world class facilities and luxury at a walking distance.

You should not wait to go and buy abode of your dreams now.

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