Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Luxurious Flats In Mohali/Chandigarh)

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali, Mohali (a substantial part of TriCity) which is also known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar. It is a plant city in Mohali district of the state of Punjab in India. Mohali is also rapidly growing as a commercial hub of Chandigarh lying in the South-west. It is named after inspired from Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh.

The city is developing rapidly as an IT hub of the state and, therefore, it has been grown in its importance and people are looking forward to reside here and especially amongst them youth. Following this the government of Punjab has initiated compelling infrastructure and recreation projects in attempt to increase the living standard of people in here. You will be delighted to know that roads have been built to create a network between Mohali and

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali

Chandigarh International airport to boost its connectivity to the major parts of the city.


The concept behind the logo is inspired neutral and linear art. It forms an uprising structure which represents steady growth. The project promotes the true meaning of the logo which is the class of higher virtues and moral principles.

The company is committed to surpass the ordinary. The foundation pillars of the company are three S which are Strong Foundation, Strong Thinking and Strong Determination. It symbolizes the

company’s vision and philosophy to provide you with one of the best projects in Mohali. Their foundation is strong, they are determined and retain the creative thinking throughout the project.


Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Area)

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Area)

The project is spread over 6.84 acres of land area on which only 400 apartments are going to be constructed on the vast 6.84 acres of land. An open garden area of 3.5 acre (approx.) so basically, out of the total project area of land 3.5 acres of land area has been dedicated to lush green parks. Be free to breathe in fresh air whenever you wake up in the morning.

There are tota number of 15 floors each block or tower and 384 number of apartments. The project is enclosed and therefore, it prioritizes private living. One side of the project is on sector diving road and another enjoys the hustle-bustle and panoramic views of Airport Road, Mohali.

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Location)

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The project is situated at Sector 66 Beta, I.T. City, Mohali. The project dominates and rules the concept of advantage when it comes to its corner site location. So that you can live your life at ease and without compromising with your private life in a huge building or group of buildings or a residential project as such.

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Status)

The possession is soon going to be started in the year 2025. For further details and enquiry, you are free to give a call on the given number.

Brief Noble Callista  Mohali

The distinguished design and planned architecture enables each and every apartment at “Noble Callista” to enjoy the mesmerizing views of nature and cosmopolitan area surrounding it. The company’s architecture team is a proud bearer of the title “World’s top 100 architect” for the last 10 years in a row. It has put efforts in unbeatable conceptualizing and planning expertise. And the consequence is that it has turned your imagination into reality at “Noble Callista”.

The diverse team of exceptionally talented architects have given their heart and soul to the project. The design team has worked impeccably to give you a life you truly deserve.

Location Advantage Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali

It is seamlessly connected to IT City, Mohali.

It is nearby International Airport.

Noble Callista Pricing and Floor Plans

Apartments are categorized into 3 groups.

  • 5+1 (Quad Core)
  • 4+1 (Dual Core)
  • 3+1 (Quad Core)

Luxurious Flats In Mohali/Chandigarh

Luxurious Flats In Mohali/Chandigarh

It is situated in Block A. This is one of the best options here. It is super spacious and comfortable.

Each apartment accommodates servant room, powder room, puja ghar and store room.

The highlight of the iconic tower apartments is that all apartments are corner apartments which are either facing hills or central green

There is a separate steam bathroom in each apartment of iconic tower. what else one can ask for? Whenever you are tired from your daily routine and want to relax in your home there is a steam bath option.

One more highlighting feature is that there is double height drawing room with marble flooring.

Yet another highlighting feature of Block A apartments is double height balcony in front of living room.

Corner sweeping balconies.

The master bedroom with corner windows with 2-sided views is appealing and alluring.

There is modern Curtain glass façade.

The lifts in Iconic towers open straight in the living room with access control.

There are total of 64 abodes from 2nd to 15th floor.


Single flat area with 5+1

With carpet area of 2929 Sq. Ft.

Built-up area of 3965 Sq. Ft.

And super built-up area of 4803 Sq. Ft.


Any View- ₹ 7200/ Sq. Ft. Making it a total of ₹ 3,45,81,600.


Noble Callista 4+1 BHK

This too has same feature as it was in iconic tower apartments. Each apartment accommodates servant room, powder room, pooja ghar and store room.

Dual aspect tower with all main living rooms and bedrooms facing the central green, to soothe your eyes whenever you set it on lush green garden area of your residential area.

There are only 2 apartments per floor providing you most privè lifestyle you can ask for in a residential project.

There is an additional family space or lounge to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones to create the bond and making it even stronger.

The balcony to all rooms with a large deck in front of each living room so that you can plan your activities well.

Individual lift for each apartment with access control to ensure your safety.

There are total of 64 abodes from 2 nd to 15th floor.


Single flat area (4+1)

Carpet area of 2121 Sq. Ft.

Built-up area of 2668 Sq. Ft.

With a Super Built up area of 3402 Sq. Ft.


Green View- ₹ 6600/ Sq. Ft. Making it a total of ₹ 2,24,53,200.

Hill + Corner View- ₹ 6900/ Sq. Ft. Making it a total of ₹ 2,34,73,800.


The Block B apartments also has the same feature as here also each apartment accommodates servant room, powder room, pooja ghar and store room.

All units face either the central green or overlooking hills, low-rise development to the east with 1st kiss of sun each morning to make your mornings brighter and warmer plus beautiful.

Provides more efficient core design.

Only 4 apartments per floor in this tower or block.

There are 256 abodes from 2nd to 15th floor.


Noble Callista 3+1 BHK

Single flat area (3+1)

Carpet area of 1729 Sq. Ft.

Built-up area of 2277 Sq. Ft.

And with a super built-up area of 2801 Sq. Ft.


IT City + Sun View + Airport View- ₹ 6000/ Sq. Ft. Making it total of ₹ 1,68,06,000.

Green View- this is same as above.

Corner View- ₹ 6300/ Sq. Ft. Making it a total of ₹1,76,46,300.

Hill + Corner View- ₹ 6600/ Sq. Ft. Making it a total of ₹ 1,84,86,600.

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Facilities)

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali (Facilities)

  • There is the facility of car parking.
  • Shaded ample parking in basement.
  • Surface parking for the guests to make them feel at ease and avoiding any inconvenience on your part.
  • Each apartment will be allotted up to 3 car parks (EV or Non-EV).
  • One covered EV Car parking is going to cost you around ₹ 200/ Sq. Ft.
  • There is swimming pool in the main clubhouse.
  • There is a private pool section for women to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • There is a digital or Electric cycle station.

Ther is a Common Laundry.

Project has 5 clubs including 4 mini tower clubs and a 40000 Sq. Ft. master clubhouse with half Olympic size all weather swimming pool.

Noble Callista Sector 66 A Mohali Amenities

Sanitization HubSpot in each tower Entrance for a safe and healthy living.

Access to retail from main road and with security directly accessible from apartments.

There is a keyless entry, video door phone, flush doors and frames with teakwood Veneer.

To ensure your safety sprinklers, LPG gas line fitting and panic button.

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