Purple Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

Purple is the color of royalty and it is the hue of luxury and wealth. Purple color also holds a variety of characteristics such as energetic, soft, soothing, sophisticated and lively. To experiment with purple color and other shades is to use purple’s various characteristics to your advantage. Having a purple two-color combination for bedroom walls is a modern and swanky way to decorate your bedroom space and it works well for adults as well as kids.

Purple Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

The purple color can be used in different ways just by simply playing with its different tones. Purple color brings in the aura of peace and tranquility while it is also known to evoke imagination and creativity, as purple color is also known as the color of creativity. It is a unique color for your bedroom walls that can make a statement and also sit perfectly with your room decor. In the color wheel, the purple color is achieved by mixing red and blue colors.

These are two vibrant colors that have many characteristics that are ranging from energetic to elegance. Purple color has the quality of blending in seamlessly with your room decor preferences and interior design plan. Purple is like a color chameleon and it can camouflage and adapt to your surroundings.  However, it is important to know which color goes best with purple and what they signify. The purple color works best with contrasting tones in bedrooms. From lighter shades to darker, purple colors can go well with all shades of the color wheel. While combining another color with purple, you should keep in mn=inds that the shade of purple as well to get the ideal two-color combination for your bedroom walls.

We have understood the characteristics and hues of the purple color. Now, let us look at the purple color combinations for your bedroom walls in depth-

Orange Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

1. Purple and White Combination For Bedroom Walls

For every unusual and energetic color, there is always a white to bring int elegance and tranquility. Purple and white is a classic two-color combination that makes a good blend of sophistication and creativity in your bedroom space. The gorgeous contrast between white and purple sets the tone for your bedroom walls. White molding, white furnishings and contrasting rugs can also do the magic with this bedroom color combination. You can also go ahead and combine purple with other neutrals such as grey or beige for a subtle and sophisticated look. You can also experiment with the hues of purple ranging from lilacs to royal, velvet violets as per the mood of your bedroom area. Purple with white is a timeless combination and steers clear of boring in the world of color combinations for your bedroom walls. In this color combination, you also can replace white color with grey or silver for a lovely purple two-color combination for your bedroom walls.

2. Purple and Blue Combination For Bedroom Walls

If you want to play with pastels or venture into the darker sides of purple and royal blue then this bedroom color combination is perfect for you. If you want your bedroom to be minimal with more floor space then lilac and the light blue color combination is meant for your bedroom walls. But if your bedroom is all about being eclectic and contemporary then the royal blue and purple combination can serve your requirements. If you want to be bold one step at a time then you can also use accents and furnishings to add small touches to this color combination. Clubbing two dark shades of color can also give you great results. Purple and blue make for a great wall color combination for bedroom walls. The very use of these colors can give your room a royal look.

3. Purple and Green Combination For Bedroom Walls

This is an unusual yet lively color combination that gives a striking yet luxurious contrast to your bedroom. With a lovely, eggplant purple as yu backdrop and you can play with green accents in your bedroom. If not that then you can bring in some velvet chairs or ottomans and your bedroom will look nothing lesser than royalty. There is another way to add a small tinge of green that can be planted to your pastel violet hues. Climbers and plants can add a natural and elegant touch to your bedroom walls’ color combination.

4. Purple and Yellow Combination For Bedroom Walls

It is all about using the hues of yellow to your benefit and you can either experiment with the glorious gold touches in accents and moldings with a darker purple for a cozy, bohemian and creative space you can experiment with pastels of yellow and purple colors. Mustard yellow with striking purple is a great fashion color combination, so you can imagine what it can do to your bedroom walls for chic results. If you are wishing for your bedroom to look like one of the model homes of a designer then you can go for this purple two-color combination for your bedroom walls. If you are a nature then you can experiment with purple and green and can also go one step forward by using textures or abstracts for a stunning purple two-color combination for bedroom walls.

5. Purple and Grey Combination For Bedroom Walls

Purple and Grey are a combination that makes the right valance between elegance and comfort. Grey color brings in the coziness and sophistication of neutrals whereas purple color brings in the richness of the palette that makes your bedroom look cozy and trendy. Muted tones are ideal for you if you do not want to experiment much and can play around with purple upholstery, headboards or accents to ass some liveliness to an otherwise grey space.

Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

6. Purple and Black Combination For Bedroom Walls

Picture dusky shades of black and purple together to make a royal, and classy bedroom. Similarly, lighter shades of purple combined with black and dark-toned furniture also add a warm yet sophisticated vibe to your bedroom. A sought-after two-color combination, purple and black can transport you to NY condos. If you wish for an unusual and magazine-like bedroom space then this color combination is for you.

7. Purple and Pink Combination For Bedroom Walls

All shades of purple go well with pink for bedroom walls. If you choose a royal purple or a pastel purple then pink will complement it to add character to your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to appear minimal and sophisticated then you can go for muted tones of purple and pink. If you are looking for a balance between energy and elegance then you can choose a darker shade of purple that can be paired with pink will do the needful. The pink color combination has a diverse palette to choose from and if you are convinced with the idea of pinks in your bedroom then you can go for the color light shade of pink. Purple if used as furnishings and room accents then you can also add character to light pink being in your backdrop. The pink and purple combination also works well for kids’ bedrooms as it has just the right amount of energy and playfulness.

8. Purple and Beige Combination For Bedroom Walls

If you are looking for a bedroom space that is stylish and stately then you can go for a purple and beige combination for bedroom walls. You can choose a luted tone of purple line a heather shade on a paneled wall. This can be the accent in the room with the rest of the walls in the calming shade of beige color. Simple and graceful, the beige color will make the purple pop and give it the place it deserves in the bedroom. To keep it polished, you can have cream-colored tiles on the floor or cause a beige color rig and keep the furniture to a minimum.

9. Purple and Green Combination For Bedroom Walls

Two different colors need not be on two walls and you can go or an artistic wall then this color combination allows you to play with different shades. Green is a peaceful color and represents growth and fortune, purple color on the other hand invites luxury. You can combine these colors in your bedroom and let them work their magic in your life.

10. Purple and Golden Combination For Bedroom Walls

If you want to create a splendid room then you can go for a golden and purple color combination. Gold stands for prosperity and wealth and symbolizes luxury and power. Purple is the shade of royalty and represents the same things such as magnificence and lavishness. If you are looking to I’ve your life an upgrade then you can go for these shades in the bedroom. If you think the gold is too overbearing then you can try and use it in patterns and please the combination that works aesthetically well together.

11. Purple and Orange Combination For Bedroom Walls

Both purple and orange colors are bold colors, you can use the mell0w versions of both colors that will make your cozy, While using purple color on two walls of the bedroom and orange a centerpiece has been a preferred combination for a long, you can also experiment with purple two color combination for bedroom walls with tones down versions of both colors that will give you a masterpiece. The purple wall color combination is tweaked with lively orange color dashes to make a textbook fairytale appearance. The orange curtains in the purple wall window will complete the look. Then there is a mid-century style chaise lounge sofa or chair with an orange floral print that adds a periodic and countryside appeal to your bedroom.

12. Purple and Mustard Combination For Bedroom Walls

If you are a fashionista and looking to incorporate purple into your wardrobe then you can consider purple and mustard color combinations. Purple and mustard not only balance each other but also make your bedroom feel luxurious and classy. I recommend you use a reddish-purple color so that the resulting color is warmer.

I hope that the latest purple two-color combination for bedroom walls is useful for you. If it is difficult to design an interior and exterior then you can use the service of a home design architect for the best results.

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