Is 2 BHK a good investment in Mohali ?

Is 2 BHK a good investment in Mohali ?

Mohali is the place that has set a benchmark for modernization and is developing in every way offering great infrastructure connectivity, employment opportunities and much more. Mohali is turning into a focal point for every person who wants to live an urban life by investing in a flat in Mohali surrounded by opportunities and comfort. This has led to growth in real estate in Mohali. Mohali is a place in Punjab that lies next to Chandigarh that provides astonishing flats in Mohali. The real estate market has seen a rise since there has been a spike in the number of purchasers seeking to purchase flats in Mohali.

Is 2 BHK a good investment in Mohali?

Flats in Mohali are situated in well-developed and well-established coordinated communities and are a perfect purchase for anyone. Chandigarh International Airport, Mohali entraps all; whoever places his foot on this special part of Tricity with its amazing mix of tradition and modernization.

With a fast expansion as the state’s IT center and multiple international sports arenas, Mohali is the place that owes everyone a special and exciting experience.

Mohali is among the country’s rapidly growing cities and the prime reasons for all this fast expansion include connectivity to the City Beautiful Chandigarh, distinguishable choices and considerable investments on a commercial level for the finest living growth. Also, the GMADA (Greater Mohali Area Development Authority) is giving more effort to developing the area.

Mohali is rising exponentially as a mainstream housing area for individuals in Tricity. A number of variables such as Chandigarh residential scarcity, adjacent social and economic growth and the availability of lovely green gardens and scenic beauty make the area quite desirable and tempting.

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Why 2 BHK flat investment is good in Mohali?

Is 2 BHK a good investment in Mohali ?

Let us peek at a handful of the advantages and positives of buying a 2 BHK flat in Mohali;

  • Transportation- When verifying the flat for sale in Mohali, you should be amused by the efficient transport interconnection that that area has to offer. Housing developments are conveniently situated in such a way that is easy to move and travel whether it is a road, rail, air and some other way. Mohali’s railway transport connects it with significant cities like Amritsar, Delhi, Ludhiana and Shimla, etc. Mohali has great conveyance internally as well as with other cities. A network of transportation keeps the place city inter-connected. There is a bus stand that is located in the heart of the city and the railway station as well that is situated in Phase 9 industrial area. As we already know, Mohali is home to an international airport, which is actually an extension of the Chandigrah airport.
  • Global connectivity- Because of Mohali’s attractive accessibility, the housing market is perhaps the most beneficial financial spot. Mohali has well-established roadways that come with the finest linkages by road networks. Mohali is a place that is interlocked with Chandigrah and has an airport terminal in the city that makes it a regional magnet. International flights to locations including Bangkok, Sharjah and Dubai are available.
  • Affordability- It is necessary for people looking to settle in the Northern part of the country to own a residence. Fortunately, the real estate market in Mohali is significantly lighter on pocket or budget compared with other neighboring places including Chandigrah. It must be considered that the living expenses in Mohali are small as compared to the Chandigarh.
  • Expanding possibilities- Mohali is North India’s financial center and at such a tempo, industrial development and facilities have attracted a number of big corporations as well as potential employees into the city. This place hosts multinational companies including Dell, SCL, Philips, Sebiz Infotech and other state-owned local businesses like Godrej Group, ICI and PTL paints. As a result, people are looking for an estate to settle in the financially favoring area for buy.
  • Growth and knowledge- Mohali is a place that grew into a center of learning over time. Educational institutions including the National Nano Technology Institute, the National Institute of Agri-Food Bio-Technology, the Institute of Science Education and Research renter Mohali a prosperous education field. There is a range of development stimulates in the Mohali. The augured rise in property or real estate values and capital growth shortly is playing a high and very important role. As already mentioned, Mohali is also home to a number of educational institutions the Indian School of Business, Chandigrah Engineering Colleges, Army Institute of Law, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, etc. This implies that when you decide to settle in the city then you can be sure that you will receive ample career opportunities.
  • A treat for sports fans- Mohali is a place that is also considered the sports hub in the Northern state of the country, Punjab. While the Mohali Cricket Stadium or the Punjab Cricket Association is quite well known already, Mohali also has a hockey stadium and a bit 8 other sports multiplexes that offer different facilities such as swimming, volleyball and table tennis, etc. The Internationa Hockey Stadium in Mohali is the home ground of the Punjab Warriors, the hockey club in Mohali is from the Hockey India League.
  • Serene Lifestyle- Lifestyle is one of the reasons behind Mohali being a famous destination amongst tourists in the fact that there are a number of temples and holy places such as Vaishno Devi Mata Mandir, Gurudwara Amb Sahib and Gurudwara Sant Mandal Angitha Sahib, etc. There are also the gardens such as the Silvi Park, Sukhna Lake and much more. Mohali has enough job opportunities and educational establishments, yet is far from the ruckus of a big city like Chandigarh. Mohali offers you the chance to have a relaxed lifestyle as this place is located in the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, so the city enjoys great weather as well.

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Posh Areas of Mohali that are Admired for 2 BHK

Just like Chandigrah, Mohali also has a luxury lifestyle and has got some posh areas.

Phase 3B2- This phase is one of the top posh areas of Mohali for the magnificent flats it has. Phase 3B2 has huge bungalows, lush green lawns and separate parking areas that are owned by each individual in his residence. You get a visual treat to your eye by merely glancing at those fancy houses owned by builders, VIPs and the high class of the city.

Phase 5- If you never had faluda ice cream on a scorching sunny day in the commercial area of this phase, there is no point that you spend your time in Mohali. Ranging from possessing roadside Khalsa Dhaba to sophisticated Amrit Bakery both owned by the same person and this Phase 5 is a posh area in Mohali that deserves a mention at least if not visit.

Phase 7- Famously known as the “17 sector of Mohali”‘, this posh area of Mohali blindly follows Sector 17 of Chandigarh. This area is the biggest commercial area that is allotted in the entire city to hosting a large number of leading shoe brands and clothing, residents of Mohali thrash this place like a shopping center. What to say about the parking lots of this posh area in Mohali, they are much more spacious than the market and I am sure that you do not mind shelling those extra bucks out to save yourself from the hassles of finding the cab parked safely.

Phase 10- If you are living in Phase 10 of Mohali then apologies but one is taking you for granted for being either super rich or belonging to that business class family. Alliance of one’s status symbol to a locality is a trendsetter fact that this posh area has done. Right from owning huge luxurious houses to classy cars.

Sector 68- Whaling away the odds of being called a phase, this area of Mohali is posh as it is recently developed as well as well planned by the Punjab Urban Development Association. Housing all high-class government officials of this association to its close proximity to the airport road but do not hesitate to enter the areas for a treat to your eyes en-route airport. The popular Drum-shaped forest complex and its vicinity to education city hosting ISB and IISER and this posh area in Mohali have residential as well as commercial significance.

Ambika La Parisian Mohali- If you are dreaming of living in Paris then this place fulfills your wish like a Genie there. As the little suggests the project is inspired by Parisian architectural style and culture and it gives your a lifestyle closely reflecting Paris. It is based on a European theme project and it is a residential project by Ambika Realcon. It is environmentally friendly and at this place where you can experience a cultural blend with modern trends and simple mils aspects of life in a wonderful way. This is what the housing project offers to you.

Wave Garden Mohali- This place is the home to big city aspirants since 2014. The location is well linked to the neighboring regions.  Conveyance is never going to be a hassle here for the residents. Every individual from every walk of life would fit here. The designing of the floor plan is done keeping in mind the household requirements and functions and thus it is aptly constructed to meet the requirements of all. A beautiful place for you and your family to spend their whole life in bliss.

Emaar Mohali Hills, Sector 105- Emaar Mohali Hills is located in sector 105, which is approximately 700 acres of a well-planned township. The townships have approximately 42 acres of lush green landscaped green. The beautiful well planned gated township is spread across sectors 99, 104, 105, 106, 108 and 109 in Mohali. This is a low-density residential township and it is a must require factor for peaceful and luxury living. It has well-planned theme parks. Over 43 acres of land is dedicated to Green Space and the project has quality construction that is a highly maintained residential campus. This is the location to live and build a home near Mohali city and Chandigarh.

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