Is New Chandigarh is a Good Place to live?

Is New Chandigarh is a Good Place to live?

Is new Chandigarh is a good place to live?, Mullanpur, New Chandigarh is comprised of 32 villages. New Chandigarh will be the first Smart and Eco- City of Punjab as the first phase of construction in Mullnapur has already started. It is soon going to be host to some exciting residential projects, parks, and places that attract tourism.

Is New Chandigarh is a Good Place to live?

Is New Chandigarh is a Good Place to live?

The old name of  New Chandigarh is Mullanpur and the name Muallanur is not renamed as New Chandigarh for urban appeal. The city would be having all the basic facilities and requisites that are available in metro cities. Facilities such as multi- specialty health care centers, playgrounds, educational institutions, metro trains, cricket stadiums, entertainment centers, shopping complexes and parks, etc are in pipeline. Although New Chandigarh is a bit far from the hustle and bustle of Chandigarh city, it is very well- connected to Chandigarh Airport.

New Chandigarh is at a distance of 40 km via Sunny Enclave airport road and this place is also connected to Mohali via four- lane roads.

New  Chandigarh city is ideally a residential city for you if you want to live in a pollution-free and serene atmosphere. Everyone knows that the real estate scene in the state of Punjab is booming and residential colonies providing comfort and a good lifestyle are being developed by the reputed real estate companies. Here we give some key points for you if you are dreaming but a new property in New Chandigarh

  1. New Chandigarh is considered the first eco-city in the state of Punjab. Only the non-polluting industries such as information technology and hospitals are permitted to build in the city.
  2. There is a number of reputed real estate builders have started their residential projects in New Chandigarh.
  3. The government has promised that 33 % are of the city will be covered with greenery.
  4. New Chandigarh is the place that is bound to attract people because of the prime location that makes it well-connected with Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Chandigarh. It is a self-sustained city with hospitals, shopping malls and schools.
  5. New Chandigarh is located a distance of 40 minutes drive to Chandigarh International Airport.
  6. New Chandigarh is a well- planned city just like Chandigarh. Eco- town one and a couple of square measure the residential colonies, education town that has the tutorial establishments and universities with the overall space of 1700 acres and media town with supposed medical centers together with Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and analysis Centre.

How is life at Chandigarh?

New Chandigarh is an awesome city to live in but the prices for residential places have skyrocketed which is the major reason why some really cool real estate projects start in New Chandigarh. Whether you are a big-time investor who wants to buy commercial properties or a small investor looking for a flat in Chandigarh, New Chandigarh can be an ideal choice for both scenarios. New Chandigarh stands as the new investment destination because this place has well- designed residential colonies.

This place is located at easy access to all your daily needs and the airport makes this is a preferred area of a number of buyers. New Chandigarh is witnessing a surprising property boom at the instant and costs might hike up any time shortly. The scarcity of land in places like Mohali and Chandigarh has made New Chandigarh is an impending real estate market.

If you are in search to buy a flat in Chandigarh on a tight budget then you must check out this place. Mullanpur, New Chandigarh is categorized as a “Tale of two cities”. New Chandigarh is located on the north- west side of Chandigarh. On one hand is the sleepy village with some simple houses, on the other hand, the modern residential colonies with posh apartments and plan -mined avenues that are developed by well- known builders of the country.

The main highway is passing through Mullanour has wide roads, fancy lights and underground wiring, this is a far cry from its earlier version that had a narrow road with uneven patches on the roads. Punjab is the state that possesses a great need of such a city that keeping in view the increasing development happening and people getting more educated and known to different requisites in life, Punjab is a state where a number of businessmen dwell and have a significant amount of money to be spent on peaceful and luxurious lifestyle.

This state is additionally jam-packed with NRIs who seek to dwell in their home state with help of home loans. Although they end up purchasing second homes in metro cities or in hilly areas due to the absence of provision of the type of comfort they are in search for.

New Chandigarh is a pristine and posh location for amenities like trend restaurants, lush green parks and multimedia system parks, etc. Here we discuss some points that help you to know that

Why New Chandigarh is a good place to live

Why New Chandigarh is a good place to live

  •  Connectivity-  The Chandigarh Railway Station is easy to access from here and can be easily reached via the Sukhne Path from here. The Aiport is under 50 km from here if you go from the Airport Road and also Vikas Marg, Himalayan Marg, Sarovar Path and Shanti Path are some of the roads they connect this area to some important parts of the city, Chandigarh.
  • Schools nearby- You can reach the best of Chanigarh’s institutions such as Ryan International School, Saint Soldier International School, Doon International School, Saint Josephs Senior Secondary School, Saint Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Government Model Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh Baptist School and the British School.
  • Hospitals and clinics nearby- There are a number of multi- speciality hospitals and clinics that are located within 5 to 9 kilometers reach including Gurunanak Multispeciality Hospital, Landmark Hospital, Healing Hospital, Mukat Hospital and Chaitanya Hospital, etc. You just do not need to worry about education and head conditions because top-notch facilities are located in proximity.
  • Sizes of the residential properties- There is a number of plots and villas are available in different sizes such as 1- Kanal to 10 -Kanal.
  • Price of the property- Several independent house villas, flats, apartments, independent houses and plots are available is resale at a price of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per square yard and the price of the property depends on the location, amenities, furnishings and asking price of the property.

What is the difference between Chandigarh and New Chandigarh?

Why New Chandigarh is a good place to live

The broad planning intention of New Chandigarh is a self- sustaining, medium-density area to make sure quality of living while preserving the natural environment. A grid0 iron pattern has been adopted for this new township and focal points and key activity zones are carefully juxtaposed with open spaces and buildings that can relate to each other visually.

Since there are not any major existing developments, with the exception of the developments at intervals the exception of the developments with New Chandigarh and alternate rural settlements and there is a touch obstacle and least would like for rehabilitation and renovation. Good connectivity plays a vital role in the success of a township.

Apart from the existing residential projects and for better planning and connectivity, additional roads have also been planned. The major arterial roads are 60 meters wide and are supported by collector and primary roads, which are 45 meters and 30 meters wide respectively. With the development of the expressway, New Chandigarh is at easy accessibility from Baddi and Anandpur Sahib. Open spaces and recreational areas are vital elements in the overall planning of New Chandigarh.

The total area of land under recreation, parks and open spaces is about 900 hectares with about 250 hectares additional area allocated for recreation and tourism. The gene spaces such as PLPA land make up about 33 % of New Chandigrah’s total area, Lands for parks and gardens have been set aside for regional, city and neighborhood use.

A quality living environment is created with a  good distribution of green spaces with the residential areas. A sizeable piece of contiguous land within the south- western aspect of recent Chandigarh has been put aside as a sports and recreation zone that has a proposal for Sports Stadium, Horse Riding Grounds and Golf Courses among others. Guidelines have been formulated to make sure that there are plenty of buildings setbacks and 3 meters to 5 meters green buffers with all roads to present a pleasant and healthy environment.

Inter- migration is expected to be the main catalyst in the population growth for New Chandigarh.  Approximately 27% of the area is dedicated to residential use and the main private developers in the area are DLF, Atlus Space Builders, Omaxe and innovative Housing Infrastructure Private Limited.

The Medicity and the Education City are located at the opposite ends of the fringe of New Chandigarh to yield a better environment by segregating the moment of the traffic. and providing a balanced distribution of housing and jobs. A further pocket has been earmarked for the education Zone for the putting in of independent establishments to cater to the native needs of the residential areas.

The combined development will offer you a variation of retail, entertainment, accommodation and marketing convenience for residents, workers and tourists. These are ideally located along with the rivers and the major arterial roads with an emphasis on encouraging the livability and vibrancy of these places by making them pedestrian-oriented and providing connected open spaces and connected parks.

The location of the projected 25 acres Transport Terminal with the forecast main road MDR- B heightens the straightforward property and accessibility to Chandigarh, thereby facultative New Chandigarh industries to faucet into the pool of the out-of town workers where the need arises. Within the future, a railway system Station is projected to return up next to the current Transport Terminal.

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The forecast traffic for the next 30 years and the location of a number of development zones have guided the proposed hierarchy of roads and several traffic lanes for each road. Industries in New Chandigarh can shift towards additional service-oriented businesses. A dedicated industrial zone, approximately 3.5 % of the total area has been planned towards the south of the residential area along with the PR- 4. Plenty of facilities like infrastructure and health have been planned for this new city to cater to the forecast population of the next 25 to 30 years.

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